What command to flatten a hollow pipe at its end?

I have a pipe that gets flattened at its end and mounted to a 3mm thick wall structure with three bolts.

Pipe ext dia 12mm I guess at the aluminium pipe wall as being 1mm (unknown and no means of finding out.)

Just wondering how do I flatten the end of the pipe over a distance of 15mm, thickness and breadth of squish being what reality would be. So if 1mm gauge aluminium then 2mm thick and breadth would be just less than half the circumference .

Is there a flatten command which would see the pipe develop out to its normal diameter beyond the squish ?
Do I have to use pipe command to create a hollow pipe for this to work ?

pipe attached and its flat area.
Pipe flatten.3dm (376.2 KB)


Hi, I saw the file and read your explanation several times and I don’t get what do you need, have you an example or something like that?

Hi, Imagine this,
take a hollow pipe 12mm dia 1mm thick walls, mark off the last 15mm with an indelible marker,
lay a piece of wood over that portion up to the marked line and smash wood with hammer flattening pipe underneath.
Do so from both sides to end up with the flattened bit on centreline of pipe,.

my purple box is the sort of shape the resulting end will be, though a bit thicker than a pixel :smile:


maybe isolate the end part of the pipe, then use cageedit, (I set x/y/z count to 3), to move the control points around to pinch it closed?

may be

Hi Yelenaye,

though the transition into the pipe would be probably twice that distance.

How did you do it though ?

is there a command for it ?
Something that knows how aluminium would transition, or plastic, etc.

Also what did you use to do the image ?, reflections etc.


Don’t forget the flattened part would be rather wider than the pipe, so the length of the cross-section is about constant.
Pipe flatten_PG.3dm (227.7 KB)


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edit: like Pascal said, u mgt wanna scale the flattened part out a bit first ; )

pipe.3dm (11.1 MB)

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Hi Steve,

If the flattened section is bolted to a wall, wouldn’t it have to be offset to the wall-facing side of the round tube in order to lie flat? Or are there spacers between wall and flattened tube?


the pipe sits above the wall and its base attaches to the wall face with three small bolts through.
wall being 3mm thick and 20mm tall ish.