What command to find dimensions touching selected object or curve?

I need to easily find dims that were drawn starting on a curve, line etc or object.
What command will do that ?

i.e select the curve, then run the command and see the dims assoc with that selection.



Are you referring to history?
If so, try _SelChildren command.

No I havent had history on.
I never use history as I used to find it got broken and never understood how to record and avoid breaks and what use it was with so many things going on.
One day I will revisit Record and see its usage and fathom out how to keep it recording.

So history is not available if it would help.

I have curves drawn and thousands of dims and wish to see those that relate (that started life touching) a particular curve or object.


Hi Steve -

Without recorded history, there is no such relationship.

FWIW, in Rhino 7, unless you specifically turn this off, history is always recorded for dimensions.

OK, but I’m probably an even more basic user of dimensions than Steve, so not only does this simple factoid not help me understand how it could help Steve’s particular situation, but even if it can’t I’m having a tough time understanding what it does help with.