What command to clean up and remove unwanted curves after two objects are unioned?

I have a rectangular hole (2 in fact) that goes part way into a cube in the wrong place, I need to move it and make it vertical, my plan is to fill it, union, then remove the joints left, and create a new hole.

Unless one can take a hole and move it, resize it etc.

I once saw ‘magician impossible’ place finger over hole in card and move it across card !

I know Spaceclaim can do so.
so how do I clean up the resulting lines I see that are in fact not an object any more ?
item attached.
fill hole.3dm (245.8 KB)

DeleteHole should work to remove the rectangular holes entirely.
MoveHole should work to move them (you will need to place reference points first probably).

Great, I will try those :slight_smile: