What changes did Rhino 7 bring to Rhinocommon?

I tried to find out what is new in RhinoCommon for version 7.
Is there somewhere a summary ?
I understood the latest RhinoCommon implementation is not on Github anymore.
Comparing the API docs branches was not so helpful since it is on the raw html:

And this one is also old (comparing rh5 with rh6):

@Goswin, @stevebaer has been working on a new API documentation site. It isn’t ready yet, but at the moment a preview/wip is visible at - this is not a permanent location, but may help you for now.


@Goswin, is that enough information? Do you think we should present this in a different way? Any feedback is appreciated

It would be nice to have an index at the beginning to jump to the section of interest and a link on each new method to access its detailed description.

@stevebaer yes that list is a good.
Would be nice to have a summary text of notable changes.
I assume most are additions.
I translated all of Rhinoscriptsyntax to F# for Rh6.
The only deprecation warnings I get now with Rh7 are at DocObjects.Texture

in Rh6 it was


in Rh7 is it this?:

texture = DocObjects.Texture()
texture.FileName = filename
material.SetTexture(texture, DocObjects.TextureType.Bump)

I believe that is correct.

Why is that even deprecated? It seems like the SetBumpTexture could just do this internally.

@andy I see that you deprecated the functions like SetBumpTexture. It doesn’t look like we needed to do that, but I could very well be mistaken.

It does do that internally - so it still works. The deprecation is to encourage developers to use the new SetTexture function which can be used consistently with all of the new 20 texture types (because of the new PBR support in Rhino 7).

I don’t want to have to maintain a separate function for each of these types, so SetTexture is now the preferred method.