What are those icons? Help? :(

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Grasshopper, and have been trying to learn the program for a few months now. However, I am still not able to able build crazy scripts on my own but I try to build them by following along someone and making sense of the algorithm in such way.

There’s this script I found online, which I thought was pretty interesting and I tried to rebuild it myself since the owner only shared screenshots of the template. The issue was the person has the interface set to icons only, and there are some new icons that I can’t seem to find on grasshopper. Another issue was the expressions they used (which aren’t visible in this case).

I have attached screenshots of the project and along with the script. If anyone can help me rebuild this script or maybe just tell me what some of the icons and expressions could be I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

the owner sells some of the scripts.


Yes that’s true. I looked for the script in their website but they don’t sell that specific one. I even contacted the seller, before posting on the forums, if they could post this script on their website so I can purchase it but they haven’t replied.


You’ll find icons there

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Thank you :slight_smile: !!

Good luck it will not be simple. But if you have problems you can come back on the forum. It will be better you post a grasshopper script and some explanation.

He also uses components that are not on plugin. For example I saw one I made for spiral. It is now on Nautilus plugin.



Yes the spiral staircase looks quite interesting as well! Thanks again!

The one icon I’m struggling to find is this one… any ideas?

Move Point to Point

I never used it but just search using the double click on GH canvas then I wrote move

You ghave also offset brep Parakeet

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ahhh makes sense, I don’t have pufferfish installed on this computer. I really appreciate your help!

You don’t need that component it’s pretty pointless. Simply subtract Point A from Point B. This will give you a vector that you can use with the Move component to displace the geometry in question.


haha, nice one! :star_struck:

move2pt (didn’t even know I had pufferfish and this was a pufferfish node…)

in this case do like diff-arch said, move2pt just unites two nodes in one.