What Are the Render Default Lights?

I happen to like the default lighting when Sun and Skylight are disabled. I’d like to apply those settings elsewhere, with some additional lights but have no idea what they are or where they come from.

It is a camera-based directional lighting, coming from over your left shoulder.

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Thanks for the very quick reply! What I like about the light is that it creates soft shadows. That’s solely due to a directional light? Isn’t the Sun directional, and doesn’t that create hard shadows?

No lights at all should give you hard shadows.

Hmmm. Does that include Cycles?

Yes, it does

Well, I guess our definitions of “hard” and “soft” differ. Maybe I should have said “crisp”?

Maybe some renders/screenshots of what you are seeing and meaning might help me understand what you are looking at

These were rendered in Cycles. A few used a combination of directional lights, and give a “soft” feel, and a couple used the default lighting, and you can see the stark, black shadows they cast on the ground.

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The ones with softer lighting look like they have either rectangular lights or skylighting enabled as well.

So is skylighting a diffuse light? And how can it be duplicated?

Skylight is in rendering panel the skylight checkbox.

One way to simulate this in Rhino 7 is to enclose your scene in a box and assign it a PBR material, add an emission channel to it, set a picture of an environment to it and crank up the emission strength.

Simpler is to use a couple of rectangular lights.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll see what I can do.

Thank’s E n N .
Nice talk of Lighting :thinking: