What are furniture and elements?

I’m wondering what the furniture and elements are to rhino meaning are they treated as blocks (instances) and therefore have less impact on the scenes memory wise or are they regular polysurfaces / objects?
Also are the tags available for the visualARQ objects? (furniture and elements)

Thank you

Hi @marchermitte,

All VisualARQ objects, including element and furniture, are Rhino blocks. VisualARQ tries to reuse the same block definition for two objects with similar parameters. Moreover, two linear beams with the same profile will use the same block event if they are of different length. In this case, VisualARQ will apply a 1D scale factor to the block.


ok, that’s great.
So is the ram usage in Rhino lighter than using real polysurface / objects for each copy of the object?

Yes, for the geometry stored in the document.

But we’re still duplicating the display meshes for each element, as it was not possible to reuse the display meshes in Rhino 5 SDK. It seems it could be done in Rhino 6, but we’ll wait for the next major VisualARQ update to try to reuse the same display mesh for all similar elements.