What am I looking at? The XYZ and Arrows?

I did not build this model, it came with T-Splines, I just added some color to it and ran a quick animation in Rhino Bongo, as a test. It shows up in the viewport but does not appear in the animation.

Could someone please tell me where it came from and how to turn this off?

Regards, Greg

Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jls0cwvr8n3h5q6/AADYpQOGYJ87bFF4J69LXG6ma?dl=0

I believe it is a bug between Rhino 5 and T-splines, and perhaps Bongo. I will post on the T-Splines Forum as well.

Regards, Greg

I do not think this is a bug; its a bongo default to show the ‘object pivots.’ Its easy to turn off as shown in the options.

I’d suggest rather to animate just one object in Bongo and then set other objects as children.

That cleared things up! Thank you both for the advice and insight!

Best of the Season! Greg