Wenatchee Build 2014-07-28 (519) Problems with 3DConnexion 3D mouse

I am sure, that my 3D Connexion Mouse Hardware is working fine (using the 3dConnexion Tools).

New since this update:
But if I start Rhino, all selected views are drifting. Slowly. I can override the drift manual (by my hand). Calibrating the 3D mouse in the connexion tools is no solution. Restarting Rhino and Mac are also no solution.

Thanks for help.

By the way … you are making a great job, great product. I will be your first “MacCustomer”.

Hi Carsten,

I’m not seeing this here in 519. Do you have 1000 and 1000 in the 3D connexion preferences for rotation and translation scale? You might also want to try it on another machine with Rhino 5 PC or Mac Rhino just as a test to see if it’s hardware.

Hi Brian,

the connexion preferences for rotation and translation scale, are both set to 6000. 1000 is much too fast for for me.

In the deep of 3DConnexion->Tools->Demos->3DxAxis Panel shows this:

Sometimes the values toggle to -1 for a millisecond. The demos of 3DConnexion are not affected though this. Maybe this is the problem of Rhino (or my Mouse with temperature drift). Maybe an offset is the solution.


Shame on me …

in the 3DConnexion menu:

now I have selected Rhino as App and configured threshold for the axis.

Problem is solved.