Weld Meshes/Vertices

Hey guys! I have a quick question. As I imported a mesh I made some modifications (created a Patch and converted into meshes) I wanted to weld everything together to one single mesh to use an inflatable simulation back in Modo. For some strange reason this doesn’t work in Rhino (Weld - all commands, verts, mesh…)

Thanks for your help!!!

Hi Hannes - I really don’t understand your question without the file - can you post that or send to tech@mcneel.com?


@pascal I’m not in the project right now. Will post the specific file maybe later. To clarify: The mesh is split at certain edges (cut the arms of the body, the legs, the head and then even some minor sections like the horns an ears)
As you may see here as this is gonna be an inflatable I want to create patches to maintain the overall shape when inflated. To test that I simply want to convert the patches to meshes and then weld all meshes again into one (so all vertices on the edges will be welded).
Next step is to import the meshes again into Modo and run the plugin which simulates inflation only to check whether the patches work. (there is no proper easy patch or bridge option in Modo).

So in the end it’s all about welding all meshes into one (including the patches that hold everything in place) but welding doesn’t work at all (neither vert or edge welding)

Thank You!

Here you see the approach: in Rhino, below the edges selected in Modo (but as said no easy approach for this in Modo)

Hi Hannes - see if MatchMeshEdge helps.


@pascal Thanks a lot for getting back so quickly!!! I’ll try so! Thanks a lot!