Weirdness with different probe range sizes

Not sure if I’m just using the plugin wrong or if there’s something wrong with the plugin.

I ran an analysis on a relatively large area (roughly 400x400 meters) using default values of mesh settings and only change run setting to use multiple CPU (-1), and got some normal looking results, I then probed a smaller area within the simulated result (roughly 50x30meters), and the values of the probed results came back completely different then what I was seeing in the large area.

When extracting values of the small area from the overall large area, the values are of calm winds (max of 1.5 m/s), but when I define the smaller area, I’m getting 6m/s wind speeds on some probes.
I do not believe that’s possible, even if the probes for the large area is less dense, it shouldn’t be so different from probing with higher density, and it’s not just a few probes in one region, it’s random high speed winds all over the place.

When probing the smaller area, I did NOT, rerun the simulation, I simply provided different points to the probing component, and rerun the probe, I made sure to probe the same simulation result.

Does anyone have similar experiences?