Weird wooble when making surface from kurve network


i was doing a surface from curve network following a tutorial and tough i the kurves are all fine i get this wooble at the end of that one kurve … dontknow why or how to get rid of it? its all deformed what wasnt before

ps. it was made with possition, though reduced, tangentionality etc. doesnt make a difference…or worse


if i manually move the controllpoints as in pictures it goes away, but then the surface doesnt match the network anymore

Hello - you should be able to clean up the display by changing the display mesh settings in this file - see


what, u think its a render issue not a constructual?

am not sure, got problems with that objects later in the tutorial, thats why i bother in the first place…

meind schiff.3dm (4.1 MB)

Hello - your surface flips at the edge -

probably because this curve:

has three control points stacked at the end.


didnt do the trick :/…? did you try on your side?