Weird Untrim

It looks like a bug. When “untrim” lower edge of the cylinder, normally, top box should also disappear. Not today. Cylinder is deleted but both boxes remain and when selected they behave as one part even though no longer connected.


Weird_Untrim.3dm (100.2 KB)

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Hmm- yeah, I am not sure that is exactly predictable- you could be untrimming the edge of the cylinder or the edge of the hole in the box. @rajaa is this as expected, do you think?


Pascal, that maybe so, but it’s not how rhino has been dealing with these situations until now. When you untrim one of the cylinder edges, regardless whether you click on box hole or cylinder edge, cylinder ends up deleted and since the other box is connected with it, should also get deleted. Instead only cylinder disappears and both boxes remain. More, if you select one of the boxes both get highlighted as one object… which they are obviously not. This is simple geometry. When it happened to me first I was working on much more complex stuff. It took a while to figure out what is going on.

John, sorry about the category. Very few posts onto this board so far and I’m still forgetting some basics…


Hi Adam, What Rhino service release are you using? I cannot see this behavior at my end. Thanks

Hi Rajaa

it started yesterday. And it is still happening today.
Version 5 SR7 64-bit
(5.7.31113.14095, 11/13/2013)

@Rajaa, I see what Adam reports,
Source code revision = 95229 in branch /rhino/5/branches/sr7


I see that now. I am the one who did not have the latest release!
I see that the remaining two disjoint boxes as one object as a bug. Will fix that. Thanks.