Weird square on texture map


Im new to Rhino 7 for mac, been using 5 for a while… Anybody know why Im getting this different colored square on my texture map? The image doesn’t look like this and it didn’t look like this in Rhino 5 either. Is this a setting I can change?


Does the square go away when you hide all other objects?

The shaded square is there even if its just a surface… However, I have isolated this issue to images that were sized in photoshop. I’ll mess around with it some more, but not a great situation because I often use photoshop to size images for mapping. Never had a problem with this in Rhino 5.

Any ideas of whats going on would be greatly appreciated!

Actually just tried saving as a .png instead of a .jpg and the issue is resolved. Of course still curious what was happening. Thanks for encouraging more detective work.

Hello - can you please post one of these resized images?


Here is the original that works well and here is the cropped in photoshop that has the shaded square.

Thanks… no square here so far; can you please export a plane that has the material applied and that shows the problem on your system?


Here is the file with the weird shaded square from my side…shade_square_photoshop_crop.3dm (56.0 KB)