Weird snap behaviour

Basically, the cursor snap to some weird location, like geometry behind. It snap to visualarq geometry very often. It acts pretty like when the occluded osnap is turned on even though I didn’t.

Hello - can you determine whether this is in fact related to VA objects, or does it happen without these, or with VisualArq disabled (and Rhino restarted)?



I export that into another file and explode VA objects into nurbs geometry. And yeah, it turns out something wrong with the VA objects. Look like the VA objects is prioritized in osnap and act like turning on occluded snap. Any solution? Or I can only wait for an update.

Hi Jack - I am going to put this in the VA category on the forum.
@fsalla - do you have any idea about this?



Hi @jackhui328,

VisualARQ objects should behave like Rhino objects. If not, this is a bug.

Can you send this model to