Weird results on paraview

Hi everyone, I’ve been going through some problems using OpenFoam which are looking weird both on Rhino and Paraview, I’m new to CFD simulations, all my simulations are converging according to the simulation log, but the results are looking like this.

Does anyone have any idea why is this happening? I’m not able to obtain the wind patterns along the buildings, although they are meshed to the simulation domain.
Sorry to be a pain, I’m trying my best to understand the physics of CFD simulations for my master thesis, does this has something to do with the BlueCFD calculations on my computer? My simulations ran smoothly on Patrick’s and Remy’s PC’s, I got no clue of what is happening.
Thanks everyone!

The simulation results are looking like this on Rhino, just a bunch of vectors pointing randomly
Here is the residuals graphic