Weird renderings


the render I do comes out like this:


What can I do???


Hi -

Provide more information.
Can you post the 3dm file? Which renderer are you using?
Run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

That looks like maybe you have the Intel denoiser enabled and have achieved very few samples. Check the post effects section of the Render window. The tiled repeat of the whole scene though is very odd so provide more details when you can.

Thank you both, here is the systeminfo:

Rhino 7 SR5 2021-4-10 (Rhino 7, 7.5.21100.03002, Git hash:master @ 2cd158094b595f6400479d7cbe511454b6149527)
License type: Evaluation, build 2021-04-10
License details: Cloud Zoo
Expires on: 4451266-02-06

Apple Intel 64-bit macOS Version 11.2.3 (Build 20D91) (Physical RAM: 16Gb)
Mac Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,2
Language: en-GB (MacOS default)

Intel(R) Iris™ Plus Graphics 650 (OpenGL ver:4.1 INTEL-16.1.12)

OpenGL Settings
Safe mode: Off
Use accelerated hardware modes: On
Redraw scene when viewports are exposed: On

Anti-alias mode: 4x
Mip Map Filtering: Linear
Anisotropic Filtering Mode: High

Vendor Name: Intel Inc.
Render version: 4.1
Shading Language: 4.10
Maximum Texture size: 16384 x 16384
Z-Buffer depth: n/a
Maximum Viewport size: 16384 x 16384
Total Video Memory: 1536 MB
Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650
Displays: Color LCD (256dpi 2x)

Graphics processors
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 (1536 MB)
Color LCD (1440 x 900)

USB devices
Apple Inc.: Apple T1 Controller

Bluetooth devices

Third party kernel extensions

Third party plugins
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/IntelDenoiser/0.6.0/libtbb.dylib
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/IntelDenoiser/0.6.0/libtbbmalloc.dylib
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/ProRender/
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/ProRender/

Rhino plugins that do not ship with Rhino
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/ProRender/ “ProRender”
/Users/tildablomqvist/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/IntelDenoiser/0.6.0/IntelDenoiser.Mac.rhp “IntelDenoiser.Mac”

Rhino plugins that ship with Rhino
/Applications/Rhino “Snapshots” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “PanelingTools” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “AnimationTools” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “Renderer Development Kit” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “Displacement” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “Legacy Rhino Render” 7.5.21100.1002
/Applications/Rhino “Commands” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Import_OBJ” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “export_xaml” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “QuadRemesh” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “export_OBJ” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “RDK_EtoUI” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Export SVG” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “MeshCommands” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Export_DAE” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “PDF Export” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “IGES Export Plug-in” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Import_SVG” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “BlockEdit” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Export_AMF” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Rhino Render” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Import_DST” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “PLY - Polygon File Format Export” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Import_AMF” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “RhinoCycles” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “IronPython” 7.5.21100.3002
/Applications/Rhino “Grasshopper” 7.5.21100.3002

Here is a link to the file.

Also, I am using the ProRender.


Update: ok so when I increase the DPI and quality the issue doesn’t remain. I managed to create a good render.

Thank you!

I’m glad you found a setting change that helped solve the issue. I checked in with the developer and updating to of ProRender via the PackageManager should also get rid of those artifacts. Since you don’t have an AMD GPU in your Mac, ProRender is using the CPU which may not be faster than just sticking with Rhino Render. The Intel denoiser in my experience will still need a minimum of 50 - 100 samples depending on the scene too. If you have fine textures in materials, make it 250 - 500.

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