Weird issue - one segment of my model will not export to .dwg solid correctly

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to get a bit of help here. I’ve created several large scale sculptural seats in Rhino, the specific issue I’m having is that in one of the models, just one ‘segment’ of it will not open correctly in autocad. Neither will it import correctly into Solidworks apparently - the same segment is missing.

The model appears fine in Rhino, I can’t fathom what is wrong with it. It appears to export with no issue from Rhino, but upon opening in autocad for example, that segment is missing. Note I need to export the .dwg as a ‘solid’. It appears to be fine if solids = curves in the autocad scheme export options.

I’ve attached a stripped down version below, which is the piece that won’t export, and its neighbouring two pieces which are fine (like the other 50+ segments overall, which I’ve had no problems with).

Has anybody had this before or can help point me in a direction towards solving this issue?
Created in Rhino 5, up to date service release etc.

Many thanks in advance,

Sculptural Seating - for forum.3dm (249.9 KB)

Hi Luke - I’d run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on all of these before exporting - I don’t know if that clears the problem, I don’t have SW on this machine, but I can try in the AM.


Hmm no dice. Didn’t end up solving the issue unfortunately.

Though probably a good idea overall, as I notice the total shape of the piece prior to sectioning was retained in the surface points

Another thing to try, though again, it’s shooting in the dark, is Explode then Reparameterize > Automatic, then Join.


Unfortunately no luck there either… I’m really stumped. That one segment isn’t necessarily any more complicated than any other that I can tell.

One more…

  • Explode
  • UntrimAll the swoopy surface.
  • Trim > InfinitePlane (type IP and Enter) and click on one of the planar sides as the cutter, trim off the excess on that side.
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Delete the panar caps
  • Cap the swoopy thing.

i.e. retrim the thing…




Did you try exporting as SAT instead of DWG?
I’m getting a valid solid in AutoCAD using SAT export from Rhino (v6) without doing any repair.

Hi cdordoni - That actually worked. I don’t know why, and seems roundabout, but I’ll run with it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Pascal, thanks also for the help, time, and investigation. One thing though,

It’s worth noting trying the the IP method, I see my rhino was not accepting IP / InfinitePlane. I’m definitely ‘up to date’ in terms of updates, I’m not sure why that didn’t appear to recognize it.


Hi Luke - sorry - my fault, I lost track of the V5 part of your original post. IP is V6…

Which makes me wonder… just as a test, if this from V6 will export properly -

Sculptural Seating - for forum_v6.dwg (149.9 KB)
Sculptural Seating - for forum_v6.3dm (407.2 KB)



Not that that should happen, and V5 has generally been rock-solid for me, but if nothing else is a good reason to upgrade.

Hi Luke - I’m not sure from your comment if the dwg from v6 actually did go across better?


Hi Pascal, apologies that was unclear, yes it did come through fine as a solid into autocad.
Was that the only thing done? Opened in V6 and exported to .dwg?


Hi Luke - I did do the shrink/reparameterize song and dance before exporting but that may or may not matter here.