Weird Isometric View (135°/45°)

hello everyone!

I’m trying to recreate the view from a Zaha Hadid painting (Eaton Place) in 3D but I can’t get the view right, is there an option to distort/skew/manipulate the isometric/parallel view options? I essentially need the x and z axes in the same plane as the camera while the y-axis is going off into the distance at 45°, the final step would be to rotate the rendering in Photoshop or rotate the camera (see pictures below).

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 22.58.51

I have been trying for hours but have gotten nowhere. I always end up with a 45°/45° axometric view.

Thanks in advance!
Berke Inöntepe

I cannot believe this but literally 5 minutes later I solved it myself hahahah

rotate your model 90° so that the front/face of it facing to towards the top (so that the front view essentially becomes the bottom view)

scale depth axis by 0.293 (in this case z-axis or the “height” if you will)

select all > shear > draw a verical line in the right viewport and type in 45° as your shear angle

repeat the same step in the front viewport

et voilà!

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Happens often (but not often enough): The task of describing your issue to someone else, especially via writing, causes the little grey cells to shift gears and suddenly the solution appears! :grinning:

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