Weird Grasshopper geometry preview in Rhino with TestMetal?


There seems to be something weird going on with the Grasshopper geometry preview in Rhino in the latest WIP version (8.0.22277.12306, 2022-10-04).

I’m on ARM64.

Hi @diff-arch, do you still have this issue in current WIP builds?


I haven’t opened Rhino 8 WIP for a while now, since it wasn’t really all that useable on Apple Silicon.
Is there something specific, you’re interested in?

I’m not able to reproduce this on my Mac, so I was wondering if you still see this happening in the latest WIP build. Let me know if you get the chance to give it another try, thanks.

I’ve quickly checked Version 8 WIP (8.0.22305.12306, 2022-11-01), which seems to be the latest version, and it’s still happening.

What I did was open Rhino 8 WIP. TestMetal was already active on launch and I switched from Wireframe to Ghosted view. Then I launched Grasshopper and put a simple N.u.r.b.s. sphere component on the canvas.

The geometry preview in Rhino still seems weird, like in the video above. These colourful highlights appear and change hue when orbiting around the viewport.

I’m on macOS Monterrey (12.6.1) running on an Apple M1 Ultra Mac Studio.

Thanks for taking the time to test!
@wim can you repeat this issue? I don’t have a M1 here.

Hi -
I see that here on my old Intel Mac:

I’ll write it up! → RH-71648 Display Metal: Grasshopper preview

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ah… I had my display to wireframe and didn’t see it. :man_facepalming: