Weird graphics

Hello, recently reinstalled rhino but the shading graphics look weird, ghosted looks ok. any idea why? i can not set displayGL higher because it will look reaaaaly weird and unworkable.

thank you.

Hi Vlad -

Was there a specific reason for doing that?

Did it look differently before you reinstalled Rhino?

It’s hard to tell what that scene is supposed to look like, and a 3dm file would be better for trouble-shooting.

Are you referring to the Level slider that is currently set to OpenGL 3.3?

It’s a bit small for my eyes, but does the driver date in that picture say “6-29-2016”? Please open the Notifications panel in Rhino, select the “Video Driver Update Recommended” item, click Details and follow the links to the web site of the manufacturer of the GPU to find the most recent drivers. Make sure to use the “Clean Install” option when installing those.

FWIW the GeForce 880M support was moved to legacy in April 2019, and stopped getting driver updates altogether in April 2020 (see GeForce 800M series - Wikipedia ). The latest available driver for this GPU on Windows 10 is Driver Details | NVIDIA