Weight loading data on sections of 3D assembly

Hi - New to Rhino, used the free trial period and think I can use the program instead of both AutoCAD and 3ds Max which I currently use to generate multiple-part 3D models, which I create blueprints from, and do visualization renders to show potential clients.

However I also use the AutoCAD 3D models in Inventor, to determine loading on areas on the base of them using a process I developed. I have been speaking with a gentleman whose company, Scan and Solve works with Rhino, about the process, and he recommended I post a breakdown of it here. He thought with Kangaroo, what I need to do could be done, but to check with experts here. I have built a simple version of the model which I think explains it pretty clearly, and was hoping to post the image but cannot see how. That is frustrating.

A simple description would be a multi-part rectangular tabletop, with a solid interior element (rectangular box), 2 layers of thin material on the top (2 thin rectangular boxes), and a thin layer wrapped around the edge, (like veneer). Real-world materials would be applied to each solid element, to generate accurate weight for the assembly.

The table then sits on multiple legs, some of different widths and depths but all the same height, with a material applied to give them weight.

I need to be able to determine how much of the total weight of the table assembly, is on the bottom of each leg. I hope that’s clear, I can expand on the details if needed.

Any info on whether this is possible would be appreciated, as without being able to do this last, critical step which is used for construction of the things I design, I cannot justify switching to Rhino. Thank you, Dan https://www.manley-design.com/?page_id=13

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