Weekly restart keeps stopping zoo service

Our Windows 10 Pro 64 server restarts weekly.

Every time the restart happened, the zoo service has been stopped.
I´ll have to start the service again, manually.

Is there something to KEEP THE SERVICE ON after (regular / update-induced) windows restarts?

(error not shown in the screenshot)

In Windows Services, is Zoo 6 set for Automatic Startup Type?

Yes, it is.

For now, I’ll try it with “Automatic (lazy loading)” — means “Automatisch (Verzögerter Start)” … in German …

Hi @msmr,

Try “Automatic (Delayed start)”.

– Dale

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Yeah i just had the same thought.

We’ll see next monday. Or not, hopefully.

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Seems that problem isn’t that new …

So, it worked on this monday. We’ll see if it sticks.

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