Web tool to share information

I wonder if somebody knows of a web based platform to exchange information based upon cad geomety and simulation data from for example grasshopper? It would be great if the platform allowed cad file storage and the possibility to evaluate different design options, both graphically and numerical.

Hi Max. Your question is rather general and I don’t think that, based on that short description, you will get any betters answers than what you have gotten on the LB|HB forum. Could you describe your requirements for “evaluation of different design options” a bit more? Also, could you perhaps list which options you have already tried and what you liked and disliked in those options?

I am often involved as engineer working with architects in early stages trying to optimize buildings regarding energy, daylight and thermal comfort. The architects works in different CAD tools but seldom Rhino. The simulations are done in grasshopper or IDA ICE. The communication is unfortunately very slow and involves quite a lot of converting file formats and the result is presented as PDF reports.

What I am looking for is a web service that can visualise different building alternatives, both the original architectural models and my simulation models together with data analysis tools and different charts. It would also be great to have the possibility to set requirements according to Breeam and LEED.