Web Front End for using Grasshopper

Dear all,
I am new to the GH world and although I scanned the forum I couldn´t find a solution yet to this:

  1. I want to have a friendly User Interface on our homepage to enter the data we need for GH
  2. this should be transmitted in real time to GH on a cloud service (ideally via Excel data entry mode).
  3. Grashopper should then be connected (in the cloud) to Dynamo for the visualization ( evtl. with specklr)
  4. Data renderings should run in the cloud and results shall be displayed in the User Interface again.

The idea is to have a solution for non GH & Dynamo savvy people who need a first quick analysis.

Any ideas on this?

Best, Charly

You could also use Speckle to send the data from a web front end to GH.

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Did you check if ShapeDiver could help? I don’t know how important the Dynamo step is in your workflow, but it pretty much gives you the other steps out of the box.
If you need additional data exchanges, I would indeed think speckle could do the trick.