Web-based interactive viewer for Discover or any other multi-objective evolutionary algorithm plugin

Hello everyone,

I searched for a Grasshopper web interface and saw there are some plugins and websites such as Speckle, Shapediver, Generator, Human UI. They all are great plugins. But I am not sure if any of them work for our project.
The issue is that we are doing optimization using Discover. Now we want to use an interactive web interface to present our work, where we have control over changing the parameters, can run Discover, and see the process of optimization.
I would be so grateful if anyone can give us any advice.
Thank you.


What is Discover? I didn’t find anything in a quick search and it’s important to understand your problem. And also you should specify what things happen in GH.

If you don’t want to do it from scratch, you can contact to ShapeDiver for a quote. I can guess that in your pipeline the visualization and interaction has two inputs, the developer and the consumer. The developer prepares the process and the consumer calls it from his computer to a server that runs Rhino and Grasshopper automatically, and after the viewport is updated. Without knowing where you run Discover is difficult to assume anything else.




Thank you for your reply.
Discover is a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm plugin. It runs through a version of Discover server which can be found below:

I am doing optimization. There are some parameters which are number sliders and two objectives. The objectives are to maximize an output number.
ShapeDiver does not support all the Grasshopper plugins. I got an error when uploaded my file.

I also tried speckle. It is an interactive web viewer for Grasshopper. But I could not find anyway to connect Discover to it.
I am actually looking for a web viewer (if existing) that when I run Discover, it shows the continuous changes of the model until it reaches to the optimized version.
it is not my ideal, but even something like a real-time display would be helpful. I searched more and found TT toolbox. But this one gives me a time’s up error! But I think this is the last version I downloaded.

I see.uou mentioned TT tollbox, but would design explorer work for you? http://core.thorntontomasetti.com/design-explorer/

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Scott, Thank your for your reply and suggestion.
Design Explorer seems cool and useful. But we are using Discover, and it only works with Galapagos and Octopus.