Weaverbird's Join and wield mesh doesn't work

Hi Guys

I have been learning GH for a few weeks now, whilst making decent progression I still encounter problems that I cannot find explanations as to why they occur.

This is one of them:

I am trying to construct a fading diamond pattern with end result being smoothed mesh.

I believe I did everything by the book up to the point that I need to weld and join all the meshes converted from diamond panel surfaces. and for whatever reason, weaverbird’s weld and join mesh component refuses to run. From the error message, it seems the edges of each diamond panel meshes have alignment issues, but I have no idea why this happens and how to solve it.

Does anyone mind having a look at the file and see if they can spot the problem?

Many thanks


Fading Pattern.3dm (165.7 KB) Fading pattern.gh (229.3 KB)

2020-05-27 16_06_07-Grasshopper - Fading pattern_

Disconnect the mesh Brep from mesh weld vertises component.Fading pattern-joined.gh (229.3 KB)

if you want to join the borders triangle faces use join mesh.

What you’re getting from Mesh Surface are just a bunch of invalid meshs. That’s why you’ve failed withwbJoin.
Try to use Simple Mesh instead of Mesh Surface.

Fading pattern_re.gh (237.7 KB)


In this case you’d better to use simpleMesh component instead of meshSurface component:

Pattern.gh (240.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot guys! All solutions work well!