Weaverbird in Rhino 6 using Grashopper


I’ve learned that Weaverbird no longer works in Rhino 6 without the use of Grashopper. I’ve never used Grasshopper before, so I am pretty clueless as to how I’m supposed to apply for example a Catmull-Clark subdivision to a 3D model I own?

Edit: I’ve installed the plugin already and I can see I have the commands in Grasshopper, I just don’t know what to do with the typical Grasshopper block. I have no clue how this works and don’t really have the time to get fully immersed into it…

Could anyone point my in the right direction, please?

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Hope it helps.
WB Catmull-Clack Sub_D_Demo.gh (10.6 KB)

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Hi HS_Kim,

Thanks, but looks like I’m in way over my head… I’ll try to get Rhino 5 running again to use Weaverbird

I am not on my pc but as there is now catmull & Clark subdivision in rhinocommon it must be possible to implement a command in Rhino. @piac can you help?

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If you have Rhino 6, just install the Rhino 7 WIP: you can use the new Subdivide command there to apply Catmull-Clark. In addition, Subdivide has more advanced texture support compared to the old Weaverbird command.

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I somehow missed this! I can’t seem to find it in the Rhino 6 API, is this exclusively Rhino 7?

For what I know i used the c# version in rhino 6 for more than one year, it was visible then not visible through autocompletion … Now it appears in the rhinocommon wip documentation

Ah yes, I suppose that makes sense.

I can’t seem to find this on https://developer.rhino3d.com/. Can you provide a link? Or did you also refer to autocompletion? Thanks again.

Not on my PC so I cant get. What I used.

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Example of use

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