We need to talk about Offset


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Dear Rhino/Grasshopper developers thanks for Rhino 6, many useful improvements, render, Rhinocommon functions … but there is an old subject Polyline Offset see this thread :

Are there some news about Polyline offset ?
I know Clipper is a good solution for Grasshopper and Rhino.
Update : @pascal it is not a Grasshopper question more a Rhino core function. There is a reliability problem with offset Polyline. It doesn’t work on some the cells which are simple polygon (see the picture).
The same as in Grasshopper, I used Rhino 6 and offset multiple

And Clipper solution


offset fail.gh (6.9 KB)

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Provide your e_mail (I have a gift for you)


Thanks for bringing this up again here. It’s been bugging me quite regularly as well.


Any response from the mcneel team? Can Clipper be incorporated into Rhino?