WCS mapping and multiply texture not working together

I use many time mapping WCS, for wood material, and then OCS for specific direction on objects, it works great for me, but, when I use multiply texture on my wood texture, to easily adjust the tint of the wood, WCS is not yet accessible, when I open the texture tab…no mapping through the texture

Is it a bug? Is there an another way to proceed to keep WCS and a texture multiiplier?

Thank you for your help


Can you post a simple example 3dm to show your set up and what isn’t working or available please?

Hello @BrianJ ,
In my file, you will find a texture call wood, that I define in WCS with 500x500 unit, to match with real size of my geometry.
But If I create an alternative material to multiply the texture and a color, WCS could not be access…and mapping gone wrong…

WCS and multiply.3dm (2.4 MB)

Thanks for the sample file to explain. I’ve filed this issue as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-74466 for our developers to look into. In the meantime, I’d suggest using the Adjustment section for the texture map like this to get the tone I think you’re after while also preserving the WCS mapping settings.

@BrianJ , Thanks for your help, I used this option before, but, adjustment by tint variation is not easy to use, and not very use friendly, but the major trick is that there is no preview, and each time you slightly change the value, the visual apply on the model is not responsive, so it is hard to fine tune a tint…
Hope devs will understand and find an issue…

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