Ways to edit shading lights?

Hi all.
This is quite an old “problem”:
2020-11-22 12_45_48-Window
There seems to be a horizontal light and three point lights.
But for all the possible normals (3 directions) we have a single linear grey-scale!
Many grays are used for many different parts of the sphere, even when normals are completely different!

Is there somewhere a bitmap image we can edit for this?
Or other ways to add/remove lights, change locations/intensity and even color?

… that leads us to situations like this, where even distinguish between different faces is almost impossible.
2020-11-22 12_46_51-Window
a cube from side.

2020-11-22 12_47_54-Window
2 cubes.

a cube and a pyramid.

Other situations with complex geometries are common…

The usual normal map have 3 colors and lets you understand better the shape of an object:

or at least lets easily distinguish between different faces.

Was this problem solved in some way by other softwares?

As we want each object with its own color, i’m thinking of using 3 colors in the same way of the RGB normal map (120° each-other) but with:

  • the chosen color
  • a dark version of the color
  • a light version of the color

That way we could have a full sphere where no color is used twice!

Sorry for the long post… :see_no_evil:

… up?

Hello - you can edit the lighting direction and color in the Shaded display mode settings.


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