Wave surface upon wave surface

Hi guys,

Newbie here, I’m trying to create a shape based on the following reference model:

I’ve deconstructed the reference model as follows:

  1. Oval bottom shape (with rounding)
  2. Warped/rotated mid shapes consisting of two waves
  3. Top round shape
  4. Main wave is the shape of the object as a whole
  5. Sub-wave is wave ‘texture’ upon the object

I’ve succeeded in creating a series-based wavy (meaning with the sub-wave) object, with bottom and top roundings, but these limit me in overal shape as all of them are the same shape as the source shape (multiplied by series). I can’t figure out how to create the main wave with an oval bottom and top round shape…

Any ideas on how to approach this? Thanks!!

I recommend looking at some of those videos. let me know if run into any trouble, I can help you out!

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Here are 2 I made some time ago:

I did it with 2D curves stacked vertically that then serve as Loft surface control curves. If you want to 3D print shapes like this you have to add a bottom surface (the Z=0 curve) and use your slicer’s Vase mode. But for a more sturdy print you also need an inside surface and a ruled surface between the 2 top edges.