Waterworks workshop by AA Visiting School Granada - September 5-16, Granada (Spain)

Waterworks workshop
September 5-16
Granada (Spain)

Waterworks, a 12-day architectural workshop in Granada (Spain) by the Architectural Association, is now open for registration. Waterworks transports architectural design back to its origins, tackling social-agricultural realities by offering participants a unique opportunity to work alongside local producers, architects, scientists, horticulturists and the larger community. In the workshop students will learn to use Rhino as a design tool while also exploring Rhino’s ability within sustainable analysis and informative design outputs.

As a historical region in Andalusia, the area of Granada combines scenic beauty with ecological importance and resources that meet the requirements of an agricultural economy which relies on water that travels 3,482m down from the peninsula’s highest peak.

Responding to these realities through architectural interventions, students will design water catchment and management solutions for the local region. Proposals will consider the effects of climate change on water distribution and the implications at local and regional scales. Students will be immersed in hands-on, site-specific experimentation; speculate on scenarios; develop prototypes using locally grown materials; and explore the potential of leading design software. They will work, live, swim, drink, question, explore and interact with this transparent fluid, vital to all forms of life, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Application Deadline: August 20, 2016

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Email: granada@aaschool.ac.uk

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