Wasp Grammer Rules

I’m working on to create Danzer geometry.
I wish to apply two rules simultaneously in wasp.
In Image, have defined 2 points on a segment of Triangle, so as to make a reverse connection.
Point 0 connects with Point 1 &
Point 1 connects with 0 .

Also, are there more rules (other than defined in tutorial) to control the connections in wasp.


Move to Grasshopper category so it will be seen.

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Hii, John, Thanks for such a quick response. I am pretty new to Grasshopper can you please elaborate or suggest some material to look at.

Hey @vikas.athwani9999,

Have you tried the Wasp forum?

– Dale

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danzer through Vertex_Edge_Connections.gh (38.2 KB)

This should get you started!

Now it’s up to you to refine the rules and connections to make it a danzer tiling.

You should note that Wasp needs a three-dimensional base geometry to do collision tests!

danzer through Vertex_Edge_Connections 2.gh (26.1 KB)