Washed out picture objects when used on sheets with rendered details on them

Hi! I’ve been having this problem since version 6 but it still seems to be happening in v7.

If I have any details on a page using a rendered view, or anything with AO rendering in it, picture frames tend to wash out sporadically in both the screen and the final print. If I set the views to wireframe or shaded etc the problem goes away. My display mode in paperspace is set to wireframe.

Here’s a pdf for reference, you can see the left hand side is washed out. sometimes its the whole image, sometimes its parts, like this one. Is there any work around or trick I could use to print these images correctly? sometimes I move it around on the sheet a bit till it works, but that usually doesn’t help.


temp3.pdf (3.9 MB)

Printing and graphics drivers are closely linked. Try updating your graphics card driver. It could also be file specific as well as the print settings used. Upload a 3dm and screenshots of the settings you used if you need more help.