Warnings before some large calculations

It would be great, if grasshopper could show warning messages, when it notices, that there will be a big amount of data to calculate. Sometimes, at some point, I can forget to put graft (or any tree arrangement component) in my script, and I will notice it in that second, but its too late, grasshopper already started to do his useless job, and nothing can stop it. And i have to waste a lot of my time, waiting for these useless calculations, that i will delete right after its done. Or to close my rhino file using task manager, sometimes losing my progress.
I’m not the first to raise this issue, 10 years ago, Daniel Piker.

But here we are, 10 years later, and escape button is still useless.
It can can count the amount of tree branches, that it will need to fill, for example, and warn me? Sounds pretty simple, right? If there are some kind of plugin appeared for this, I would be very thankful for any information. If not - I want to suggest this little feature to the developers.

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