WARNING -Before you test Rhino 6 - beware the 3DM file format has changed

Everyone knows that Beta software is unstable, and users who use beta software take risks.

It would be really useful however, to tell all unsuspecting Beta testers that if they have mission critical work in Rhino 5, DO NOT open the file in Rhino 6 Beta because the file format has changed !

I feel foolish, but given that I didn’t see any such warnings, I thought I ought to warn others!

you know you can downsave to Rhino 5 format from V6 WIP (it is not Beta yet) ?
( see options in Save As… )


Of course. But that is one risk that I would not have willingly taken with WIP or Beta software (whatever you like to call it is developmental software). It’s quite a critical issue. Nowhere have I seen warnings that Rhino 6 WIP would change my file format. Hence this post

And if you saves_as Rhino 5, you are greeted with the warning:

  1. The model contains information that cannot be saved in a Rhino 5 file.

  2. Click help button to see details of what cannot be saved.

If you click on the help button, there are Zero details of what cannot be saved.

So, in the absence of prior notification, and little by way of reassurance as to what data will be lost, it’s a bit of a worry

At least you can save as an older format. That’s not an option on a lot (or most) CAD softwares.

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OK, I need to apologise to Bob, his welcome to Serengeti message reads:
The Rhino 6 file format is changing. To be safe, often Save As Rhino 5.
I didn’t read that bit - Sorry Bob !

While you can save down to v5, you should be aware that if you are using layouts, you will have to extensively re-annotate / re-dim your layouts after saving from v6 to v5. There have been such extensive changes in dimensions and annotations, I wouldn’t consider v6 layouts backwards compatible with v5 at this point in time.