Warning: bad site

After all these years, where I have typed


I accidentally typed


My anti-virus software blocked the site and claimed that it is a dangerous site that may steal information or plant viruses on my machine.

Hmm…interesting. I checked the site with my iPad. It’s in what looks like Arabic with an Arabic-styled Rhino logo (actually pretty interesting). Looks like the site is under construction, but of course I don’t understand a word… --Mitch

Shouldn’t it be moc.d3onihr in Arabic?


No antivirus warning over here, but agree with @Helvetosaur, very interesting logo stylization, take a look at the breakdown below. Or read more @ Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karkadann
(Kargadan = Rhinoceros in Farsi). Is there any affiliation between this site and McNeel ?


Ok, some more info: this is not Arabic, this is an Iranian website and Farsi alphabet/word.
Apparently they are offering Rhino lessons and books in Farsi.
Maybe now that the sanctions may be lifted soon it is time for localized Rhino (Kargadan) Farsi version ? :wink:

Thanks for the info, obviously I’m ignorant of this stuff, sorry for the wrong assumption. --Mitch