WANTED: Chuck Norris of Rhino to Revit Workflow

Do you eat, sleep, breath Rhino & Revit workflows? Would you consider yourself a master of your craft? If so, this project is for you.


Our company is anything but ordinary. We create products and experiences that shake up industries and ignite creative minds. We aren’t afraid of challenges; we tackle them head on. We place a strong emphasis on company culture and focus on changing the world through radical innovation. Join our revolution.


We’re trying to find the best workflow that would allow us to bring project assets we have created in Rhino over to Revit.

On any given project, we use Revit to bring everything together and generate plans, but we find ourselves working with Rhino for some of the things it does better.


We’re looking for a Rhino and Revit Expert to help us find the best workflow that would allow us to bring project assets we have created in Rhino over to Revit.

Bottom line, we need to find a smooth workflow for bringing over Rhino assets to Revit without having to waste time redoing things.

If you are not a Rhino / Revit Workflow Bad A$$ - I’m sorry then… this job isn’t for you.


  • Workflow Design (Guidelines, Standards, Best Practices, Step by Step Instructions, etc…)
  • Training
  • Answer Questions


  • Keep it simple, don’t reinvent the wheel
  • You must be able to demonstrate you have done this / could do this
  • Strong expertise and familiarity with leading Rhino / Revit Workflow
  • Communicate in English
  • Most importantly - give a sh#!


You must provide work examples that will clearly demonstrate how you are the best fit on this project as well as clarify what your exact role was on each project.

Bouncing around sucks - and it doesn’t have to end here (on this project). We are always looking for amazing people and never have a short on challenging problems that we are trying to solve. If you’re looking for long term work - we might be a match made in heaven.

To make sure that you have read our requirements, please tell us your favorite color and share some examples of your work that will demonstrate your ability to accomplish this project. Otherwise, we will reject all generic applications.


I think you forgot to mention the name of your company, location… You ask a lot without giving a lot :-1:

http://entreprises.lefigaro.fr/monsieur-ignacio-giri-75/entreprise-884321639 ???
https://www.behance.net/IgnacioGiri ???


you should team up with the folks a proving grounds, they have developed a pretty clever workflow with conveyor.

RiR is great but still pretty beta and will be changing rapidly.

Sure. The job is for the company I work for, not myself. It’s Hello Innovation, a technology company based in Detroit, Michigan, currently working in multiple projects. We are in the phase of design and experimenting with Rhino and Revit. You can find more information here: helloinnovation.com

This is a one-off project. Although we are open to a longer relationship if the project requires it. As we mentioned above, we do not want reinvent the wheel.

The links you found are correct. That is me. Even though I wasn’t aware of that Lefigaro one, is interesting, lots of details that I’m not sure if they should be there. If you want learn about me personally, go to ignaciogiri.com

We are open to any approach that works. We are trying several ones. But we are hoping to find somebody who does this type of workflow everyday.

Since this is an international forum, it would be interesting to know if this position is remote, or if you need to move to Detroit. And if so, does the company support someone with relocation. I guess there are not many experts yet, since the newer workflow by using Rhino Inside seems to be quite new. What I personally also always like to see is the range for the salary and some benefits this company is providing.


Language of the advert need to be more professional:) Many expert would not apply for the job, just because of the language you have used. Also Website you have shared, looks so confusing. I have send you Linked in invitation. Let’s have a chat. I guess after reading this message, you may not be interested. But I have exclusive tools with me. They are developed by me from scratch.

I’m not Chuck Norris, but I honestly thought it was a joke, a prank. of someone totally lacking … decency. I’ve never seen anything like your text on a professional forum before.

Only because I’m not owning this forum I’m not going to ask you to stay away from the forum until you grow up.

// Rolf

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Yeah. Their website proves that.

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This company looks like a scam. I did sent my portfolio as he said, by pm, he did not use this unprofessional language in the advert. After digging a bit it looks like a scam company. To collect people’s ideas. It is an advertisement company or graphics design company, has nothing to do with Rhino or Revit. He was asking me for my solution, which I did not share. I shared only older works from big companies I worked for. So I am safe. Untill he shared full details of his company, do not share any work or ideas with him . It can be a startup, collecting ideas from other people. Recent days Rhino forum has lot of those scams.

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@Laurent last time I had pressed a link shared by a job advert few weeks back, and I realized my phone was hacked. But this advert looks bit unprofessional, when he mentioned he did not write this advert himself. I gave my portfolio, I did not realize it is a scam. I saw the language is very unprofessional, when I commented publicly, he replied via pm, he is not responsible for the language, it is his employer used this language. After a short conversation I have shared my portfolio, works from my employers. Recent days Rhino forum is full of these people, who collect cool works and cool ideas. Luckily did not share my latest work. The screen shots I have shared from big names, I worked for. So not easy to hack. Rhino forum should not allow just any one to post a job advert. They should send a job advert with company profile to McNeel assoc first, after approval and validation these job advert should go live. This is clear abuse. This need to be addressed. In other McNeel assoc job website, I saw two companies are collecting portfolio with a fake website from Germany. Original company is in India and did not share any real person’s name. This guy asked me to share my solution, to show his team. Instead I shared my past portfolio. Who knows, my competitors can collect my portfolio in the same manner. I am really looking for a consultancy, but for a group of people I stopped coming to this forum.

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I am working on some cutting edge project, self financed, my own IP. Rhino and Revit. The reason why I doubt my competitors, because scam adverts are written exactly what I am doing now. I was one of very few to find consultancy in this forum. In fact, my two years 4 months Vancouver trip was due to job from this forum. I absolutely like Rhino. Recently some competitors, only could hack my phone not my computer. Can be their desperate attempt to annoy me only. If some one hack my phone, they already know what I am doing. Believe it or not, I can show three adverts 2 from McNeel Job webpage, describe my current projects, and surprisingly three of them are scam company. If the advert would be from genuine company, I would not doubt my competitors. I am doubting my competitors, because everything cannot be co-insident. Every scam company cannot be working on exactly what I am doing. Right? As my competitors are monitoring my phone and LinkedIn, they know what I am doing. This is how they are posting advert exactly same as my current project. I wrote it publicly today. There are many types of mind game to kill competition. After all, what we do is not rocket science. If we get healthy environment, there would not be few consulting firms. Their would be many consulting forms and their would not be monopoly. Again saying I can show three adverts describing exactly what I am doing, but they are not real companies and that cannot be a co-insident…

I understand the advert can be pushy and some might don’t like the tone of it, and that’s okay.

If you want to learn more or if you have questions, I’m more than happy to help. We’re a small group of multifaceted people passionate about everything design, most of which came from this community.

Nevertheless, our challenge remains the same. Transferring Rhino models to Revit. We already consulted the guys from Conveyor, Beam and Visual ARQ. They are all nice and they work until certain extent.

As mentioned in the advert, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Developing a custom tool using RiR seems too much overhead for us.

There are many approaches and we’re learning as we go. We are hoping to consult with somebody who does this type of workflow everyday and is unbiased regarding which tool to use.

@Ignacio Giri, Hello, every one here is unbiased. I was not biased either, in fact I am one of the most diversed person in this forum. A designer , a programmer, started grasshopper with David Long ago. I was asking you about Proving ground tool, if you have used them. If I would be biased I would not ask this. I said I can work on the track you want. Then I searched your company, all people looks fake with not relevant skills.
First show your company identity to the forum. It is not right to collect people’s work , by wrong website or not sharing your company details at all. I do not want to work for you, for sure. But the way you wrote your advert and the fake website does not show respect for the person, who would work for you. At list any person with self worth will not work for you. Change your language in the advert and then disclose your real identity. Your company does not exist.

To do WHAT? There’s nothing architecture-related on your website. It seems to be a…marketing firm? What do Rhino and Revit have to do with that?


Also everyone should know that, if you see in LinkedIn, any of his company member is not from this forum. Entire company looks like a scam.