Wallpaper Rendering As Black Screen in Rhino For Mac Version 6 -- Not an Issue in Windows

I am trying to render a background image with my objects using the wallpaper command.
Here is what I am doing: I set a wallpaper in perspective properties and it shows up in the perspective portal. Then I change render settings to export wallpaper only. Every time I export using wallpaper toggled on in Render Settings the screen is black where the image would be, same size as the image but completely blacked out. Why is this? I have tried changing all the settings around with no luck.
It seems to function with Windows as per the post below.

Welcome @gdodge01.
More info please. See Guideines here

maybe it is rhino, not you :upside_down_face:;
it works on windows:

I see that here too:

RH-55670 Renderer: Wallpaper not rendering

That’s a problem. We’ll look into it.

Thanks for reporting this @gdodge01!

We believe we’ve fixed the problem with black wallpapers in Renderings in the latest Release Candidate for 6.21. Please test and let us know.