Wallacei - Getting Started with the OOTB example

Hi all, I’m new to Wallacei and am trying to get started in it. Some of it is indeed over my head but still trying to learn it nonetheless.

So far, I have it downloaded and installed. I’m following along with the tutorial on youtube here

However after I have confirmed my settings in Tab 1 are the same as the youtube video, when I hit start, it seems to run but its only creating one line and not a ton like there are in the youtube video.

Here is my example file.
Example File - Wallacei X-GettingStarted.gh (116.5 KB)

Any help and or direction is appreciated.

So for anyone else who comes across this issue, the simple fix is to just replace the Wallacei X component with a new one, hook everything back up again and then try it and it works!