Wall Profile - Doesn't Consider Location Line When Creating Walls

hi @Japhy, I think there may be an issue with the Add Wall (Profile) component.

for reference here’s my version info:

I have some closed polyline curves that I am using to place walls by profile. I’ve ensured the curves are all drawn clockwise if looking at the exterior face of the wall. The curves are drawn at the exterior finish face of the walls and I’ve selected the location line as such.

The component seems to be switching the interior and exterior finish face. When I draw the walls with finish (exterior face) it is drawing them using the input curves as the interior face, and vice versa. I’m not sure if there’s a problem with my definition here or with the component itself.

Correct location line input but incorrect wall placement:

Incorrect location line input but correct wall placement:

The gh file is quite complex so I haven’t included it but let me know if you want me to send anything for clarification.


Hi Hailey, If you can internalize the curves (right click, internalize) and post just the definition you’re showing above I can take a quick look.

Thanks @Japhy, here’s the file.
internalizedWallCurves.gh (13.0 KB)

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Hailey, I wasn’t able to get definition going completely but i think its related to this known bug. Does it work for you with a simple wall with only one structure layer in it’s composition?

Hi Japhy,
Even with a generic wall with only one structure layer, I still must choose “finish (interior face)” to get it to place the walls using the profile as exterior finish face. It seems it’s just working in the opposite way as desired for these two faces.

If I choose exterior face as the location line, it uses the curves as interior finish face:

Choosing wall centerline places the walls as expected:

Sorry, dumb imperial units, but can you take a look at this definition, everything seems OK. Note the planar curves and direction of the Z. The curves you sent are oriented differently. Thanks

Re_internalizedWallCurves.gh (16.4 KB)

Thanks Japhy. I already tried flipping the plane of my curves to see if that would fix the issue. It does draw the walls in the correct location when I do that, but the walls are flipped (i.e. it is still drawing it at the interior finish face, but it is now on the outside). You can see this plainly with the walls shown here - the brick got flipped to the inside.

I also noticed that the list of wall profiles in your definition was in counter-clockwise order rather than clockwise. I reversed the order of my list to see if that would change anything but that doesn’t seem to matter since the list is grafted and each wall profile processed on its own.

Hailey, I recreated the curves starting at the bottom left hand corner and going counter clockwise with the expected result from Add Wall (Profile). The curve input shouldn’t be that particular and we are looking into it.

To redraw the curves quickly i had my Planar toggle on and used OneView.

Hi Japhy, for me drawing the polylines going counter clockwise still results in the walls being inside out.

There is a flip Boolean in the component (in Revit you can select the walls and hit the spacebar, or right clicking on a wall and hitting Change Wall’s Orientation)

Hi Japhy, yes I’m aware of the flip wall toggle, but if I use it in this scenario it flips the wall location too back to the interior finish face location and I get the same result as if I drew the walls in the clockwise direction:

Seeing that as well, lets remove that Boolean Toggle and use the Flip Element Component after creation.

Looks like that component is flipping the walls about the exterior finish face (which is drawn on the inside face) so that now the flipped walls are offset inside the profile curves by the thickness of the wall:

I see, the placement isn’t on the exterior finish face. I’ll use your file as an example and get it in front of the developers, a couple things to fix in that component now.

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Yes, seems that way. Thank you for all your help looking into this Japhy!

The Wall Location Line now works as expected in RhinoInside.Revit_1.7.8102.18986

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Hey @japhy,
Below video explains how I work generally and what I want to achieve. It placed nearly all the walls correctly except one. Any idea why?
Project1.rvt (3.6 MB)
Wall Finish by Profile.gh (16.2 KB)

Project2.rvt (3.5 MB)

Even if the normals are going all going the right way it doesn’t guarantee that the Curve is. I manually flipped and re-refenced here for trouble shooting purposes.

This is one of the things still left to address on this component. Where we can consistently get the curve direction to match the normal of an incoming surface.

Re_Wall Finish by Profile.gh (20.9 KB)

this test will find the bad actor

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This will make things a lot easier, thanks for sharing @Japhy