Wall openings, no frames

I’m testing the demo version, and I’m trying to create a model of a building I scanned.
In the building there are some openings that are potential door openings, but with no door nor frame.
I tried using the door and the aperture object with no luck.
In the first case if I remove everyting the opening is correct but I cannot edit it anymore.
With aperture I get the desired effect is I switch off the opening layer.
Is there another better approach?
Thanks in advance.


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Hi Massimo, as a workaround you could do a boolean subtraction of a solid from that wall (with the vaWallSubtractSolid command), which generates the hole in the wall. But I’d rather use the Opening object, create a style with a Frame component that I can put in a layer and turn it On or Off when I want to edit the Opening, (as indicated in this tip: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/4671/)