Wall Intersection not wrapping neatly


I have a house design where we have raking walls, I drew the walls at 2400 and then used the Wall Extend command to bring them up to meet the underside of the roof. This is the result, which shows some weirdness around the junction.

I tried fiddling with the wrapping options with no success. I also tried adjusting the slight height difference you can see, no success. Finally I tried moving the control points back from each other so the walls were extending to join…no success there either, so I hoping someone can help me out with this one?


Hi @jackson.digney,

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Unfortunately extended parts of walls don’t join currently.
See this topic: Ajuste wall to the roof
We will let you know when we solve this issue.

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Hi @jackson.digney,

This is currently more a limitation than a bug. Wall extensions are just solid pieces added at the end of the calculation. These solid pieces do not take part in the intersection solver.

I don’t know if we can make the code smarter, as it is not possible to extend the wall before the intersections are calculated. Take into account that you can extend only part of the wall. When I say part, I mean only half of a layer.

The most easy solution is to always put the wall height as the real maximum height, and the use the vaWallExtend as a trim command.


I get that!

Thanks, so we just make the walls the height of the highest point and then unextend, rather than making them the height of our pitching point and extending them up.