Wall Finishes by Room - Wall Extends Its Profile Height

Hello everyone,

Basically the issue is as follows:

  • I have created a basic structure. 4 columns connected by beams. In between columns there are walls (their height is adjusted so they don’t intersect with beams.)
  • I added a room to this basic rectangle structure.
  • From grasshopper I got the Room geometry using the method showed by @eirannejad .
  • I got the beams geometry to Rhino.
  • Then I did solid difference between Room geometry and Beams so I can get the faces I want to.
  • I selected vertical faces only.
  • Then I did Wall by Profile.

The issue I face is Top Level of the walls I created using Wall by Profile is Level 2. So they intersect with beams.

You can see the details in the attachments below. In the Rhino screeni Green stuff is Room Geometry. But as you can see, walls exceed their height. I also added the Revit file (2021) and grasshopper definition.

Thanks in advance.:vulcan_salute:

WallFinishesByRoom.gh (24.1 KB)
WallFinishByRoom.rvt (5.4 MB)