Wall aligned to wall problem

Hello, I am back with new questions. Since they are about walls I will ask all three in one topic.

  1. How to align polyline to the existing wall? In Revit, I would do this with the “align” tool. I tried “orient” but it doesn’t work. I need to model the chimney and it must be aligned and “sticked” to the wall.

  2. How to align the wall to the other wall? I have two walls with different heights made from different bricks and I need to model them somehow. Once again, in Revit, there would be “align” but in Rhino nor move, nor gumball works.

  3. Last and worst problem I have with strange wall behaviour on the corners. I don’t even know how to name it. I hoped that the problem will be solved when the walls will be properly aligned but it happened even when I created a new wall by clicking on the corners of the existing one.

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Hi @s.urbanski ,
1 and 2: why don’t you just move the rectangle or wall next to the other wall and rotate it so the desired sides are aligned?
3. There are two walls aligned along the same path put together. This generates an intersection conflict with the other wall. Just create that shorter wall as a solid added to the taller one (using the vaAddSolids command), or replace that wall with a two-layer wall (later on you can play with the layer offsets to make the inner layer shorter).

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Thank you for your answer. How can I rotate the rectangle or wall? I tried to do this with gumball but there is always some intersection.

Just move the rectangle next to the wall from one corner, and rotate it taking that corner as the center of rotation, and the second one as the second reference point:

Thank you.
I tried that before but with no effect. Thanks to your gif I finally managed to do this right. I noticed that I can not snap to the wall when it is displayed partially. I mean that in top view not entire wall is seen because I use two clipping planes to show only thin “slice”. Is it possible to force Rhino to snap to the visible part of the element?

Hi, it is not possible to snap on the edge of an object sectioned by a Rhino clipping plane, in the viewport where the clipping planes are enabled. You could disable the clipping planes in the Top viewport just to be able to snap on the wall’s edge there.