"Walk" a surface edge along an adjacent edge

Hi Folks,
A request for the bigger brains than mine.
I would like to be able to “walk” a surface along a matching edge of another surface to see how they match up.
The real world application for this is to see how panels that I have flattened or squished will go together when sewn or welded. I particularly need it to see how flattened textures match across the seam. So ideally it would work with meshes or surfaces

One of my heavy duty Apparel CAD programs has a similar tool and I’ve included a little video showing it in action.
Hopefully this will be interesting for one of our scripting gurus.
Many thanks, Steve

Hm hm… that seems like a fun puzzle…


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fancy sound effects

Quick and dirty, but maybe it’s good enough to get started :slightly_smiling_face:

210712_01_GH_WalkAlongEdge.gh (11.9 KB)

could you make that work with GrasshopperPlayer?

Good idea! Let me check

Here is the GrasshopperPlayer version:

210712_02_GH_WalkAlongEdge_Player.gh (15.2 KB)

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cool! @Steve_Howden with this you can alias or make a regular command and use without having to open Grasshopper.

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Hi Pol,

Thanks for your efforts there. Interesting approach.
Problem is I need to walk surfaces and/or meshes.
I’m flat out on a deadline at the moment, so I’ll take a better look at this in a couple of days when the dust settles.
In the meantime, thanks again. Steve

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Surfaces should be doable without changing much. Not sure about meshes, I’ll take a look!