Waffle : Change in distance between section curves

Hello there. I’m trying to create a parametric waffle panel. I have created all section curves and extruded them and now I’m wondering how can I make the distances between the section curves to differ (I don’t want each section to have a specific distance from the other and that distance to be the same for every section) . Maybe with attractor method?? If anyone has done anything like it please help.

Hi,Katiamek)) Without a picture, it’s not clear what you want to receive. Could you show it?

You are right, sorry i sent it from my mobile in a hurry!

Here they are :slight_smile:

Try this…
remap.gh (120.6 KB)

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Thank you so much!!. When i try it with a new brep (surface) it keeps Brep|Plane and Perp Frame orange (empty). Should i somehow attach this to my older code?

Again it is not clear) show the picture)regards