W to convert rational nurbs surface into non rational nurbs surfce in opennurbs

Please suggest any method other than pNurbsSurface->makenonrational()

Hi Vamsi,

Why not use ON_NurbsSurface::MakeNonRational()? What problem are you trying to solve? Any additional details you can provide might help us help you find a solution.


– Dale

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Hi Dale,
I need to convert a surface from rational to non rational form. After conversation the surface should almost look like earlier one with tolerance. Suppose if I convert a rational circle to a non rational curve, the curve should almost look like a circle. Which means number of control point will be more in non rational curve after conversion.
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Do you want to Fit a new non-rational curve to the old rational curve? http://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/html/M_Rhino_Geometry_Curve_Fit.htm

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Thanks for replying. I want fit a rational surface into a new non rational surface.

I think this will do it…

  Fits a new surface through an existing surface.
  surface_in - [in] the surface to fit.
  udegree - [in] the output surface U degree. Must be bigger than 1.
  vdegree - [in] the output surface V degree. Must be bigger than 1.
  dFitTol - [in] the fitting tolerance.
      If dFitTol is ON_UNSET_VALUE or <=0.0, the document absolute tolerance is used.
  pAchievedTol - [out] if not NULL this will be used for the achieved tolerance. 
      pAchievedTol is always <= dFitTol.
  pointer to surface if success.
  NULL if unsuccessful.
ON_Surface* RhinoFitSurface(
        const ON_Surface& surface_in, 
        int udegree = 3, 
        int vdegree = 3, 
        double dFitTol = ON_UNSET_VALUE,
        double* pAchievedTol = nullptr);
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If you are using openNURBS in the context of the Rhino C++ SDK, then the RhinoFitSurface function might be what you need.

If you using the standalone openNURBS toolkit, then we do not have a solution for as the toolkit does not include a surface fitter. I guess you will have to keep adding knots to the original surface until the conversion meets the tolerance requirement.

– Dale

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