VSR iView 2.0 now available

VSR iView 2.0 now available

The app VSR iView has been designed for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to present your 3D data models created with Rhino 3D + VSR product suite anywhere and anytime on your Apple mobile devices. And it is perfectly easy to do. Virtual models can be viewed and moved, evaluated and analyzed, or used as a virtual element in an augmented-reality scene.

You can simply receive your model via e-mail or web download on your iPhone or iPad, by direct export out of Rhino 3D (requiresthefreeVSRWebGLtoolbar), or even synchronization of the files with iTunes. Besides viewing your 3D model, you can also display the analyses previously computed for your model with Rhino 3D + VSR product suite.

In addition, VSR iView offers six different display modes, from realistic visualization to artistic effects.

Now available on the App Storeā€¦

Posted Sep 26, 2013 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.